Tehila Goldly South Africa’s future R&B sensation

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi

Matlosana: Klerksdorp born and Texas raised Tlotliso “Tehila Goldly” is a talented young R&B singer who moved to the United States of America during the 90s together with his family for studies. He was just a grade 2 pupil by the time, and came back to South Africa during his matriculation year.

The dancer, singer and songwriter, says his from a musical family, and discovered his talent at the tender age of 8 when he wrote a song for his mother. Despite the skepticism of his parents about the career path he has chosen, he’s not deterred because he believes that parents have fought for the very freedom the youth is enjoying today in the country .

Tlotliso recalls how they used to sing together with his sister with a wide grin on his face. Whilst in texas, his mom used to take him to singing competitions. But it was during a trying period in “Tehila Goldly”s life that he would find comfort in something that he had discovered at a very young age “I was going through a rough time whilst in Potchefstroom, I was working three jobs, and at some point I lost all three jobs, I was depressed so I put all that into songs“. In 2015, “Tehila Goldly” started taking his craft seriously, and by the following year he released an EP called 4 Long Nights volume 1 inspired by the ordeal he had went through of losing his jobs. The same year in 2016 another EP called JVT was released and this landed him international gigs in Austria, Bonn Germany, Paris France , Amsterdam and Cologne. Tlotliso”Tehila Goldly” is the future and brings with him a fresh new sound to the city, and the rest of the country.

The streets should definitely expect fire from the singer. There is a follow up project in construction called Bonn. Bonn is the capital city of Germany where he has performed at once and met with Fumont German the producer, and A&R Manager of Tinnsel town records Reinhard Schaub. currently they are working in collaboration with the stable for the Bonn 7 track EP, to date 5 tracks have already been done. Everyone has been going crazy over his teaser track titled “Dance with me” which is due for release in July. The single is set to be released in South Africa, Europe and The US.

The name “Tehila” comes from when most people in America couldn’t pronounce “Tlotliso” instead they would refer to him as Tee and he innovatively added “Hila” which is Hebrew and stands for “Singing new songs and praise to the lord

Artists like Black, John Mayor, Paul McCartney, James Brown, Simeon Kriel, Mozart trills, Nash Beats of ONDE Crew, Francois De Klerk inspired his musical journey. He has also done songs with local hip hop star K-NINE.

In future he intends working with Jazz Legend Ringo Madlingozi, Maglera Doe Boy, Blocka Boi Blocka and Kaien Cruz. “Tehila” says if it wasn’t for Mozart trills, and Nash beats he wouldn’t be able to do this music thing.

His organiser Katlego Raphoto of De Glamorous Media House and Star FM, says the city should expect big things from her artist very soon. He is under the management of Michael Hauschildt from Europe.

Follow him on his social media accounts. Instagram and twitter @tgoldly, facebook Tehila Goldly.




  1. Tehila is definitely going to rock both South African, and Global charts in no time. I LOVE HIS MUSIC

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