The youth of South Africa singing a different tune

The youth doing  the sarafina dance.

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi

South Africa: Rewind time back to 16 June 1976 the streets of many townships across the country were marred by violent protests as young people from different schools joined forces to fight the unjust and unfair roll out of a system that suppressed a black child from the right to a better schooling environment and quality education.

But now its the year 2017 and the youth of South Africa are singing a different tune of self empowerment and independence. This tune says “We are the future and no one can stop us

Dino Ndlovu’s foundation and it’s members.

From academics, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, innovation, science, technology, politics, sports, social entrepreneurship and many other sectors of society young people are penetrating to ensure a bright future for themselves and generations to come.

Although there are threats that can not be ignored which hamper in the livelihood of many young people in South Africa, these threats are alcohol abuse, drug abuse, economic exclusion, unemployment, poverty, crime, gangsterism and inequality amongst others, the youth is playing a major role in the development of communities in the country.

The founders of Push The Agenda

As we mark 41 years since the 1976 June uprising of students in Mzansi. one can not help but outline the fact that more needs to be done to achieve the prospects of youth emancipation and empowerment. the staggering statistics of youth unemployment and poverty levels tell a different story and leaves stains on the democratic dispensation of South Africa.

June is a month dedicated to young people to celebrate and remember the sacrifices of the predecessors of years gone by, who layed a foundation for the youth of today to carry the torch of freedom and construct an inclusive equal nation filled with peace and prosperity.

Graduates looking for employment

Happy youth celebrations South Africa.

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