Milner High warmed up by “The winter jump off”

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”: One half of the city’s hip hop fraternity held a hip hop show on thursday the 17th of August at Milner High. The show called “The winter jump off” was organized to raise funds for students who are unable to go to the school’s matric farewell.

When speaking to one of the performing acts Joseph “K-Nine” Salame he told us that “Yo! Man we are doing this for the less fortunate students who don’t have enough money for a matric farewell so we want to assist them to have a proper farewell” said K-Nine

StarFm’s Nthabiseng Mkwanazi was the MC for the show which was packed with excited students who sang words to the songs that were performed from the top of the lungs.

The line up of the show was supported by Jus’s Brian who gave a super performance with some of his single releases like “release the beast” and “body begg” Khuma’s son Nizzie Nova came in gave us “Dem bands” and hinted that his track 1.0s is a new song from his upcoming album. Another kid to be on the lookout for is Jeffrey B Styles who performed “No reason” an unreleased track from his project, The Audio Flex duo Vincenzo Green and Curtis Mavantino went hard with “like this” where they featured Jeffrey B Styles and closed their hot performance with a song called “Miss Jackson 0.Kilos”

OFM presenter, talented dancer, rapper, singer and producer Alucious “Lucai Boy” Mocumi came in with those dance moves and dedicated his performance to all the young girls at the event. His latest single titled “Sugar ft Effkay” is a soulful/R&B production by DJ Couza, Lucai continued with “Sum’ that you like” and “Party’s on fire” featured by King Edward.

Jouberton’s prodigy Madala Gcwababa ll came through and went in with his “rubb’ed up” single, Madala did a small tribute for Nashbeats, Mojileon Murkem and Dessy blunts who passed away two weeks ago in a car accident between Latham Street and N12, by performing “Toast to the gods” by Nashbeats. His last song was Gcwababa and had the whole crowd singing to the chorus “Gcwish! Gcwash! Gcwababa the crowd went.

The main act K-Nine who is the former South Africa’s got talent contestant went down memory lane as he came back to perform to his former high school and said “I went to school here man! This is where all the music thing started” his classics Makazana, Holla fede daar, Ke etsa so and Sa di bala have solidified him as one of the Kings of the city’s hip hop movement, The performance he gave was nothing short of perfection and entertainment. record label members Audio flex and Jeffrey B Styles joined him on stage to close the show with “Sa di bala” which means don’t over think or don’t worry. DJ Mzeetho was on the 1s and 2s.

Check out the performance of K- Nine’s “Sa di bala” single with record label members, Jeffrey B Styles and Audio flex below.


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