The City of Matlosana embarks on a new strategy to assist SMMEs

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: The office of the municipality’s youth desk under the office of the mayor went on a campaign throughout the city’s townships over the past week to mobilize youth owned enterprises and small businesses as a whole. The intention of the campaign was to present and layout a new strategy and opportunities that the office of the youth desk has created with other stakeholders such as the NYDA, Hatch Tech and many others.

Sindiswa “Cindy” Scheepers the youth desk coordinator said that they have embarked on a journey to penetrate the private industry, because people have lost hope in government funding systems and agencies. So the new strategy is to work with the private sector to identify companies that have grown big and source skills from them.

The youth desk has since approached the National Youth Development Agency’s national office for assistance to train, develop and fund 100% youth owned enterprises.

Scheepers said! “We are going to bring the NYDA into the office of the youth desk, we don’t want to take the failures of the NYDA and get into the politics of the agency, the aim is to bring it closer to people so that they can bring their certificates to be booked for training by the office instead of people doing that for themselves, they will also be assisted with applying for funding“.

The challenge that most people raised at the campaign is that of a business plan which most say agencies want business plans that deviate from their own ideas and vision about their businesses, others said the NYDA’s funding application forms are complicated.

An alternative solution to this was initiated by Tumi Malgas one of the attendants when he said instead people should opt for assistance of compiling a proper business plan from SEDA “Small Enterprise Development Agency” before applying for funding.

The second presentation was by Hatch Tech a Johannesburg based company represented by Mr David Magagula who continuously urged people not to rely on anyone to fund their businesses. Magagula said that their programmes need people who are committed and dedicated. the company will assist the municipality as part of their cooperate social investment to achieve the goals of this new strategy. Hatch Tech has outlined seven specific business fields to assist small businesses only on those fields but in future many more private owned companies that have expertise in other different fields will be introduced to assist in training small businesses.

Hatch Tech introduced a system called 4 by 4 system which will; Teach basic economics, Business planning like; Research, Finances, Technical trainings, The rules of trade and also how to scale up a business. Hatch Tech’s promise is that when they leave after training a company must be operating effectively and generating an income.

The specific fields Hatch Tech is going to give training in are;

Micro-livestock farming, Micro-vagetable farming, Hobby feed farming, Construction, material and manufacturing, Waste to energy, ICT and business support. These are the 7 fields entrepreneurs will be trained on, according to the 4 by 4 system.

Furthermore trainees will be given start-ups for their companies. for example those individuals whose companies are trading in Micro-Livestock Farming they will be given eggs so that they take care of them until they hatch and from then onwards a wire will be provided for one to build his or her own cage and lighting in order to be equipped with different lighting strategies to grow the chickens, what and how to feed them. which is part of the basic economics and it is another way of proving that one doesn’t need a lot of capital to start a business.

All trained candidates are expected to start making money after 3 months of training. Registered companies of both the youth and all small enterprises will benefit from this programme.


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