MACEF Artists and Filmmakers Workshop brings artists together

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”: #MACEF is a breath of fresh air to the arts and creative industry of the city, be it in music, dance, festivals, fashions, education and films Macef is on the right path to revive Matlosana’s vibrant culture in the arts and entertainment sphere Tsholofelo Dikoma gave an overview of what the workshop was all about and The Managing Director of Matlosana TV Valencia Andrews who directed the programme.

On Thursday Rio Casino was a buzz of excitement when singers, rappers, poets, actors, writers, actors, producers, directors and the media came in one space to discuss the most important things that artists need to take into consideration in the industry of entertainment which is artists rights, ownership, branding, registrations, opportunities and forming working relations with fellow artists.

Boston City Campus did a presentation and gave away bursaries to students who want to study music, The founder of MACEF Dr Khunou gave a word or two about the significance of the artists and filmmakers workshop and the intention of MACEF as an organization. Kgethang Konese the Chief Financial Officer of Matlosana TV gave advice on the filmmaking aspect of the workshop and said most people, especially actors and artists do not take their work seriously as they are never on time and do not respect Producers, Directors and Editors, he further reminded attendees at the workshop that Matlosana TV is a community station and people can come up with ideas and assistance for the station.

Thabiso Mokalake who is the Chief Editor for Matlosana TV gave a glimpse of what the public can expect to see on Matlosana TV once it goes live. Some of the clips played was a movie shot in the Free-State and The Schoonspruit Annual 2nd Spring Festival. He urged people to take the opportunity of becoming part of Matlosana TV as it still needs Cameraman, Editors, Producers, Directors, and Actors who can volunteer at the station.

RISA (Recording Industry Of South Africa) was represented by Sanny Motsepe and Bongani who represented RAV (Recording Audio Visuals) which falls under RISA their presentations were focused on encouraging artists to register the songs and music videos to avoid their work being copied and used by other people, according to RISA to register a song is free of charge at ISRC (International Standard Recording Codes) and it takes only 48 to register an artist and upon registration an artist will receive a 12 digits unique code, this code is then assigned to an artist’s song and music video in order for them to receive royalties for their work. RISA does not only support artist’s rights they are the pioneers of the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) which are held every year to honour South African artists, producers, engineers, directors, record companies and son on.

Mr Callin Matkeshem of APC Solutions said! It is important for artists to own their work, therefore artists have felt what everybody has felt but don’t think like anyone has thought” Mr Callin emphasized that talent alone is not enough because if you don’t plan, you plan to fail.

Kenny Mahoko of Mamokomane Funeral Parlour who is the former news reader at StarFm with a hefty experience in the media industry, having studied Audio Visuals, Journalism, Broadcasting and Advertising at Wits University told the artists that it is important for one to fight for his space and character daily in this industry and that artists should be creative in order to stand out from anyone else.

Amongst other people who attended the workshop was OFM’s Lucai-boy, Nthabiseng Mkwanazi, Ladumba of StarFM’s morning breakfast show “Scepezana” Push The Agenda represented by Lungile Toli and Bogosi.

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