Zodwa Wa Bantu wants to comeback to Klerksdorp

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”: After waiting for more than a month for the new dance and entertainment sensation in the country to hit the shores of the city  Zodwa Wa Bantu finally came on Saturday night at Marula Lounge, Businessman and DJ Mr 78 is the man behind the Zodwa gig.

The dancer who originates from Soweto has been making noise around the country with her sexy dance moves and revealing sense of a fashion style, her arrival at Marula Lounge was like the arrival of a Hollywood actress on the red carpet. She came rocking a black transparent top with a black fishnet, wearing a G-string.

Security personnel had to ensure that they keep her safe as everyone wanted to touch her, she did her sexy dance moves on stage and from time and again stopped to speak about her life as Zodwa. When we spoke to her in the VIP section Zodwa didn’t toss around as if she was lost. She told Maklera Magazine that people say negative things to her but they don’t affect her because she’s a thinker. “Ya bona but’wam people say I’m ugly but I don’t care i do whatever I want and I’m making a living with something that i love, I’m not going to put on brazilian hair just to be liked and conform to what society considers beauty of a woman.

She’s so in demand that she has already been booked until February next year, ” I will be going back to London very soon and I also have a booking in Australia“. When we asked about her dancing career she said!  Firstly I’m an artist because being an artist you don’t practice your craft it all comes naturally, like this thing became a success when I was enjoying my birthday one day and people reacted to how i was dancing. Secondly I’m an entertainer from Soweto, I’m not from eDurban as people think, the dancer has appeared on music videos and other top social and night life events. They cal her Zodwa Wa Bantu because of the personality she carries when meeting fan across the world, she loves people, she’s loving ,caring and very humble. The surprising thing about her again is that she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity.

Zodwa told the management of Marula Lounge that she wants to comeback to Klerksdorp again. On Sunday she headed to Jouberton at SS butchery and entertained the crowd there once again.

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