Preparations are underway for the Imvuselelo Gospel Awards 2017

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: The name Jack and the new spirituals is synonymous with choral music in Matlosana and the rest of the country, if one speaks of “Clap and Tap” choral music which is a unique way of singing choral music that is done by using hands to give a song rhythm and a beat.

This industry is quite big in the country and soon it can be bigger than we anticipated. One of its pioneers in the city Jack has established an award ceremony for this music genre, the idea has been around for at least 4 years but the initial show took place in 2016 at the auditorium hall in the city council.

The Imvuselelo Gospel Awards is the brain child of Jack who saw a need to empower and acknowledge artists he has been recording to have a sense of pride and fulfillment towards their own music because previously artists recorded music and left without having recognition for their musical talents. It was a give and take situation.

Until Monare records came with the idea of the awards that are held on the second week of December. This year’s award ceremony will be held at Jouberton Community Hall on the 9th of December. Monare records says the awards are not only for Matlosana as he has recorded music for choral groups in Cape Town and Eastern Cape and the groups will be part of the show too.

Jack has been producing for 11 years now and says he wants artists to look at the business side of their careers through promotions and marketing. Currently Monare records is targeting and working with upcoming hip hop artists who are in still in school and those who have matriculated the intention is to groom them and take their music to a greater level, The open mic sessions is one of activities that are held every Sunday to make sure that their skill is well crafted. “We are going to have the top 20 hip hop artists from this open mic sessions and this 20 will record a mixtape and from that project a hip hop award show will be established and take place next year on March” says Jack.

The idea behind this is to ensure that the youth are focused on their talents instead of joining violent gangs that are rife in Jouberton. The record company wants to make this thing and turn it into a district project with a special focus on high school students, this will pave a way to establish a hip hop competition in schools and an introduction of the clap and tap choral music to young people.

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