Matlosana Trade & Infrastructure Investment Conference #MTIIC 2017 Day 2

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi

Planery: Trading and Investing Across Borders

Remaking Our Cities – Harnessing International Trade and Investment”

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”: Day 2 of the conference was opened by Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality Mayor Alderman Barei Mosiane-Segotso. Briefly the mayor gave a massage of support to Maetu Kgaile and said! her move was the right step towards the right direction and she is convinced that the outcomes of the MTIIC 2017 will be beneficial to the people of Matlosana and surrounding areas.

She was followed by the Namibian delegation’s high commissioner Mr Veiccoh Nghiwete, the commissioner outlined the difficulties South Africa and Namibia are facing in their economic activities due to their financial dependence on Minerals, adding that its time for a new direction and innovation to change the economies around, he said! poor planning by the private sector and government can be a hindrance towards economic growth. “Matlosana has the potential to produce food and a strong manufacturing industry and therefore a joint venture is key between Matlosana and Namibia” said the commissioner

The discussions of Trading and Investing Across Borders was moderated by the author of “Africa is Open for Business” Mr Victor Kgomoeswana who seemed to be jokingly when outlining the most critical opportunities that are in store for Matlosana, he spoke of the tough times in the mining industry and Sub-Saharan Africa is not doing good but its an opportunity to think creatively and find found out what can be done. in fact it is in times like these were lasting solutions are found,”Madam mayor why is Matlosana not a solar city when you have so much sun here? People of Johannesburg tend to think they are the centre of the universe and it is important to know that there are places that are centres of universes for their people, looking at Matlosana this city can practically and theoretically be hub of SADC and who says it can’t be the centre of SADC?, how high can Matlosana go? It all depends on your imagination.

Safiyya Akoojee who is from South Africa but based in the UAE was representing the South African Business Community in the UAE, which its objective is to take care of the South African economy with the capacity of 30 000 to 40 000 South Africans who based in the UAE, Safiyya said! Matlosana can be of significance when it comes to trading with the UAE and there’s lot of trade opportunities that Dubai can benefit from Matlosana especially in the agricultural industry. Safiyya reminded the audience that Dubai is a place built from a desert and actually nothing can be planted there and the country depends on imports for food.

The Wesvaal Chamber of Business’s Neeta Morar who says the chamber is a link between business and local economic sectors like Mining, Manufacturing, Tourism and Agriculture. The chamber is more than a century old and has members of the business community around Matlosana and plays a role of advocating and creating a conducive business environment for all its members


Planery: Tourism

Stimulating the Local Economy Through Culture and Tourism

This is another sector which the municipality has not done enough to market and promote, this is so disappointing that Mr Bonsai Shongwe the program director posed a question of why has the North West Province not told South Africa that Desmond Mpilo Tutu is from Matlosana, Ms Gail McCann of Wesphal Holdings a tourism company didn’t hide the excitement she felt when speaking about the untapped tourism attractions of the city, Ms McCann says Matlosana is a city waiting to be explored, from its ancient history, to world class leaders, the discovery of gold, and more treasures of the city of people on the move. Mr Victor Kgomoeswana advised the city to do a Desmond Tutu festival which will have the world descending to the shores of this city to tour the birth place of one of the most celebrated world icons of South Africa.

Mr Allison Khuzwayo gave a short description of Matlosana’s future tourism development goals and investment opportunities. These include the Desmond Tutu Heritage site, The upgrading of The Goud Koppie Heritage Hill into z theme park, Mining Tourism, Disney Land, The Vaal Gold Reef City, Faan Mentjies Nature Reserve.

After lunch time the dignitaries were treated to a city tour to look at all the future investment opportunities and tourism sites this include: The Airport, Goud Koppie heritage hill, Klerksdorp Museum, Desmond Tutu’s birth place, The Makweteng old cemetery and the Faan Mentjies nature reserve.

In the evening a spectacular conference galla dinner became a climax of the second day of the 2017 investors conference, Mr Bonsai Shongwe entertained the guests with a musical keyboard singing and making jokes much to the amusement of the crowd, in his program directorship he made mention of one important aspect of life that is “Every limitation is an invitation to innovation

The mayor assembled to the podium and she began by say “God is good, and the guests followed by saying all the time” the mayor couldn’t hide her joyous emotions and said! Tonight is not about talking its all about having fun, so lets celebrate. Various speakers follwed to have an input on the progression of the conference and everyone was impressed with the city and its untapped opportunities. Mr Kgotso Mmadi of Wesvaal assured the investors that Matlosana is ready for business with them and there will be return on investment. Mr Nhanhla Nkala of MXN Developments spoke with passion, his inspiring speech gave everyone an enthusiastic glimmer of a bright future for the city, “This is a task that needs answers, thus challenge doesn’t need people who give up, determination is key, Matlosana will be and can be a hub and it’s future rests in our hands. Nkala is already working with local businesses including a company that produces doors from potchefstroom and a aluminium window frame making company in Jouberton

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