Matlosana Trade & Infrastructure Investment Conference #MTIIC2017 Day 3

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi

Planery: Agriculture and Agro-Processing 

Moderator: Ms Sibongile Manganyi-Rath CEO of Indigo Kulani Group

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”:In what seemed like exhaustion from everyone, day 3 and the last day of the conference finally came to its closure, two topics had to covered and this was done by captains of industry in the agricultural sector Mr Franscios Strydom from Senwes Limited Group, Mr L.J Grobler from the North West University, Charles Magoye Squidcard Limited UK, and Mr Lovemore Makunike from the North West Development Corporation.

The leaders gave their presentations to the attentively listening participants, Senwes which is a 108 years old with a an operational availability in 8 of 9 country’s provinces palys a the role of making the market accessible for farmers, production inputs primarily to grain producers coupled with the provision of value added services which includes amongst others financing insurance and agriculture.

The panelists urged leaders in their respective fields not to treat farming as poverty aliviation strategy instead it should be seen as a business and an industry that can create jobs and instill a mentality of farming as a possible and doable business amogst the youth. Matlosana offers an attractive farming industry with Senwes being the second largest grain corporation in the world and The Matlosana National Fresh Produce Market being the largest in the country.

Ms Sibongile Manganyi said! the North West Province has not been able to keep it’s young sharp minds as these young people moved to other provinces to seek opportunities, Manganyi alluded that the province should be able to keep these talented young people within the province.

Planery: Mining Beneficiation and Manufacturing 

“Sustaining the Mining Sector – Growing Beneficiation and Manufacturing

With a heavy background of the Mining industry which has always been the backbone of the city’s economy, Matlosana has experienced a fall in the mining sector for passed 20 years the devastating effect has seen a decline of 58,48% to 7,75% resulting in a shut down of more than 20 shafts of the city’s 38 shafts.

The Minerals Resources Department  represented by Mr Edward Phototso who says they are the ones who regulate the mining industry, mining licenses, prospecting, allocation of mining rights for excavation, and accessing mineral rights.

On the panel there was Mr Supi Tlowana from the council of geoscience who gave details of their office regarding the mining industry, Matlosana’s gold mining industry is still very important in the country and The council of geoscience office says there is a presence of alluvial diamonds in the area of Matlosana, it is believed there is a sufficient amount of water on the underground this water is used by the mines and pumped out after a certain period.

The Industrial Development Corporation which is a funder of large corporations says all they need is a financially viable business proposal from entrepreneurs and they rely on banks to fund them in order to give funds to entrepreneurs.

Closing Remarks and Summation by the Local Economic Development MMC Tshepo Khoza 

In Summing up the Matlosana Trade & Infrastructure Investment Conference also known as MTIIC 2017, let me thank each and every one of you for having stayed the race.

We convened this Conference with the intention to achieve a number of strategic objectives; namely

  1. to promote the Matlosana as a viable investment location,
  2. to attract potential investors to investment opportunities open in our area,
  3. to rejuvenate the local economy and create employment in the area,
  4. to attract inward investment into infrastructure and priority economic sectors such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, the green economy and tourism,
  5. To put forward a list of specific bankable trade & infrastructure projects which require immediate private sector funding.
  6. to enlist private sector support and build enduring partnership on infrastructure development over the next twenty years

The conference was called to facilitate inbound and outbound trade between Matlosana, African States and various global destinations. This has been achieved beyond our wildest imaginations.

We happy to share with you that deals have started to be initiated between local companies and investors.
The few that i can mention at this moment are:

  1. Bremsons Investments from Australia will be forming a working relationship with De Kocks Attorneys
  2. Matlosana Industrial Piggery Project has approached Currimjee Group of Companies from Mauritius for assistance
  3. Transact from Britain will be working with
  4. Maklera Magazine will be working with Topcomm from Nigeria
  5. Injula Tours will be working Bremsons Investments from Australia

Millvest will be collating a list of all those interactions.

Let MTIIC chart the way to a new Matlosana.

Cllr. Tshepo Khoza

Closing Speech from the executive Mayor Maetu Kgaile 

I greet you all on this momentous second Friday of October 2017. Today is the end one phase and the beginning of a new phase in this journey that we started on the 21st June 2016.

What happened on this day was a meeting with a sizeable number of Ambassadors and High Commissioners who had descended down to Matlosana with Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane.

Today we are going to adopt DISRUPTION inside and outside the box Mr. Hekhmat Currimjee. We are going to ban and abolish siesta in Matlosana. December and January are going to be our hard working months where investors and traders will be fully engaged.

Over the last two and half days the central theme and sentiment has been that we need to translate wishes, thoughts and policies into SMART Actionable programme and projects.

The Action Plan from today onwards is as follows:

  1. Institutionalisation of the MTIIC
  2. MTIIC will be co-chaired by MMC for LED & Tourism; Mr. Tshepo Khoza and the President of Wesvaal Chamber Mr. Kgotso Mmadi

MTIIC will be private sector driven and supported by the Office of the Executive Mayor

Millvest will continue to steer the ship with greater speed

  1. Internally within the Municipality institutional arrangements for supporting the MTIIC will be fast-tracked

  2. Momentum and impetus for MTIIC for SMMEs and entrepreneurs is going to be maintained through targeted assistance by local consultancies to access financial and technical support from NWDC, IDC, DTI, SEFA and SENWES.

  3. The minimum programme of action for MTIIC going forward will entail the following

  • Trade Expo’s in 2018 & 2019
  • Continue to facilitate Business 2 Business interactions between local businesses and investors present today and those that will be identified during the course of its life.
  • Lead and participate in the inbound and outbound missions by national, provincial departments.
  • Form part of visits to and by Friendly Sister Cities of Matlosana
  • Create a platform for various role-players like TM Consulting, Molo Consultancy, EntreGrowth and many others to contribute to the economic growth of Matlosana

Programme Director it gives me great pleasure to launch the Matlosana Trade & Infrastructure Investment Conference 2020.

I thank you all.

The Matlosana Trade & Infrastructure Investment Conference #MTIIC2017 was sponsored by MXN Development Construction, THUTO YA SETSHABA Training Services, ABSA, Cargo Motors Klerksdorp, Wolkswagen with Millvest, TWC Travel With Confidence, Wesvaal Chamber of Business Besigheidskamer.

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