The SNSET Institute Young Innovators Programme 2017

Young Innovators Programme TM
Official Press Release
For Immediate Release – 9
th October 2017

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”: It all comes together on the weekend of the 20th to the 22nd of October 2017 when young
people from across South Africa come to explore the very best in the world of science,
engineering and technology innovations. One hundred learners that will take part in 3 days of
convergence, 72 hours of discovery and 4320 minutes of innovation are mushrooming from all
corners of South Africa. This event continues from its explosive showcase in the last decade,
promising an epic culmination that will celebrate, acknowledge and reward excellence in
innovation. Pioneered by the award winning SNSETinstitute, this year’s programme embraces
the SNSETinstitute’s sixteen [16] year celebration in innovation. Learners had to submit essays
based on innovation to qualify and only top 100 essays were selected.
The prestige of this programme cannot be overlooked as the recognition and reward has
become the starting point of future Scientists, Engineers, and Technologists, it is therefore our
hope that participants will take their experience back to their communities and apply it to
better their communities. The programme is a step further in catapulting the way young
people learn. It engages, develops, and holistically helps them apply their inquisitiveness to
explore the infinite possibilities of innovation. The young people who participate in the
programme make a strong commitment beyond academic excellence; they will investigate a
stream of global challenges and turn them into innovative solutions for the world of tomorrow.
The young innovators will be participating in an intense programme in the fields of science,
engineering, and technology. A fun and offbeat approach by young people for young people is
an effort to highlight how scientific applications are utilised to better daily lives.
The founder of SNSETinstitute and the programme, Sir Stuart Ntlathi says this programme seeks
to promote an education system that resonate the importance of edutainment within the art of
teaching. ‘The three-day event packed with fun interactive activities for the learners is a need
for breaching the complexities of science and the way it’s perceived therefore breaking it down
into bite sized chunks’ – says Ntlathi. The content will be presented by young people from the SNSETinstitute, in an engaging manner so that learners feel free to interact and ask questions
with people they perceive as peers.

About SNSETinstitute

The SNSETinstitute is a multi-award-winning establishment that pioneers leading science,
engineering and technology innovations integrated programmes, projects and products. Often
science, engineering and technology are thought of in terms of people in thick laboratory
glasses and white coats, and our job is to change that perception. The fact is that science,
engineering and technology are, in the present age, omnipresent. Today, possibly as a result of
the eye-opening influence of innovation, people have started to see that there is, in fact, a
science, engineering or technology of practically everything that exists.

About Sir Stuart Ntlathi – the innovative founder

At the age of 30, Sir Stuart is an inventor (15-in-1 microwave oven, an electronic Vuvuzela and
an auto shoe polisher), innovator and the founder of the Stuart Ntlathi Science, Engineering &
Technology Institute [SNSETinstitute]. Amongst his 49 awards in science, engineering and
technology he is largely celebrated for his signature award, the Johnnie Walker Nation’s
Greatest Inventor. He has been working tirelessly for more than a decade to help promote
science, engineering and technology innovations to South Africa’s young generation. He is truly
remarkable in his achievements; with this and a few signature inventions and innovations under
his belt. He is a visionary young man who started his institute when he saw a gap in his
township community, Jouberton in Klerksdorp at the age of thirteen [13]. As with most
disadvantaged areas in South Africa, scientists, engineers, technologists etc. are few and far
between. In order to address the skills gap he took a view that young people should lead the
debate and create opportunities for each other, instead of waiting for adults to “rescue” them.

About Young Innovators Programme TM

The Young Innovators Programme TM is a gigantic festival of innovation, it lets young people to
unleash their creativity and find their reward, recognition and development through science,
engineering and technology programmes. It is an integrated, innovative and unique three-fold
programme that identifies, nurtures and brews a culture of innovation amongst the youth
through science, engineering and technology through Awareness, Education and Innovation.
The interactive nature of Young Innovators Programme TM represents a unique opportunity to
converge, discover and innovate and promote scientific literacy and provide life-long learning.

In elaborate efforts, Ntlathi emphasized that the outcome of the programme anticipates
making Science, Engineering, and Technology as exciting, inclusive, and accessible as possible
and bridge the gap between young people and industry players. In addition, delegates will have
a unique opportunity to work alongside scientists, engineers and technologist and their peers in
trying to come up with new innovations that will benefit mankind and various academics
professionals and experts in the innovation industry will be giving presentations ranging from
topics on education, energy and environment, to cancer and information technology and its
effects such as new social media. SNSETinstitute celebrates 16 years of innovation
advancement and the event will carry that message in all respects of the content.
SNSETinstitute, a proud dynamic, youthful, and innovative brand that is at the forefront of
innovation believes that the seeds of growth and success are driven by innovation. The
SNSETinstitute underscores the on-going changes in the system of thinking about science,
engineering and technology and how it actually happens. The SNSETinstitute also believes in
the development of education, specifically in the field of Science, Engineering & Technology.
With everything that passes, it becomes more and more difficult to succeed in life without
being well equipped with the necessary information and skills.
Although the SNSETinstitute does not act as a university or a training college, it provides unique
opportunities for young people to acquire knowledge and experience at the organisation and
we are keen to attract a wide network of young people to pursue a career in Science,
Engineering and Technology that will expand any country’s knowledge base, innovation
appetite and growth.
The programme is geared up to salute South Africa’s finest youth in style, with media houses
converging in Klerksdorp to bring all the euphoria to the innovation loving public. It is really
going to be an event to remember for many generations to come. Does Africa have the skills
required for innovation to fulfill the requirements of the modern day? What still needs to be
done remains a key question? How can we ensure that Africa’s ability compete in the
innovation sector is sustained, nurtured and supported? Join Africa’s youth and alike as they
discuss, invent and propose innovations for the future at the Young Innovators Programme TM.
The City of Matlosana is proud to be the host of this global annual frenzy.

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