Maklera Magazine’s New Copyrighted Logo

Matlosana”Klerksdorp: Its been a wonderful journey for us to have finally reached a year old in October of 2017, and to celebrate that we wanted to do a facelift and what would be better than re-branding the magazine’s logo? Below is a deacription of what the Logo represents and the establishment of this powerful online publication.


The copyrighted logo of Maklera Magazine is strategically designed to represent the City Of Matlosana, when looking at it, you see one of the most iconic buildings which is a landmark for the city and its people, the logo captures the CBD of Matlosana “Klerksdorp” which is the biggest of the four towns that make-up one municipality which is Matlosana. The City has produced legends and continues produce  some of the most prominent figures in South Africa.

The Colours Of The Logo

Green; Represents the land habitat which the people of Matlosana live in, the colour also speaks to the agricultural power house Matlosana has become in the country.

Gold; Is representative of the mining hub the city has been to the country since the beginning of time, currently Matlosana is still the largest gold mining producer in the country.

White; Speaks to a very bright future for the magazine and The City Of Matlosana.

About The Magazine 

Maklera Magazine is an online digital news publication (Magazine) established at Matlosana (Klerksdorp), South Africa by Motsieng Mooketsi who is a freelance journalist and a photographer, Maklera is a township slang which means Klerksdorp; it was derived from (Matlosana and Klerksdorp). The magazine has two employees currently which are Motsieng Mooketsi the founder, and Lebogang Phefo the content producer.


The magazine was established as a result of a huge gap that exist in the digital media industry in the city and that of the country, in Klerksdorp there is a considerable lack of adequate media coverage for local businesses, entertainment, sports arts, culture and various other social sectors which are thriving in their respective fields.
We are aiming to give a platform to many of the city’s movers and shakers who are making a positive impact in their respective careers and projects and the communities they live in, through quality and authentic journalism and professional photographic images, we want to promote social cohesion, patriotism, and informative news.
Our intention is to market Matlosana (Klerksdorp), the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District, North West and the rest of South Africa to the rest of the world, Klerksdorp’s culture and lifestyle will continuously be featured on the magazine.
Matlosana (Klerksdorp) is strategically located at the heart of the N12 National Treasure Route, which is a heritage national road and a tourism route that is being marketed globally by the South African government and the N12 National treasure route association, in collaboration with The National Tourism Department.
Klerksdorp which was established in 1837, and is part of the North West province boarded by Botswana, Namibia, Rustenburg the platinum capital of the world in the North and the most historic cities in the country such as Potchefstroom the former capital city of South Africa and Johannesburg the economic hub of the country as well as of the continent of Africa on the East, and Kimberley the diamond capital of the country and the beautiful city of Cape Town on the west which is the legislative capital of the country are all found on the N12. Johannesburg is a mere 160km from Klerksdorp and is a potential large market for Maklera Magazine as it is also the entertainment hub of the country.


Maklera Magazine will partner with communities in order to promote social awareness, community building, and freedom of speech, freedom of expression without the biast of race, sexuality, status, association or affiliation.
We are going to cover stories of pioneers, movers and shakers we strive to give credible and important information especially in academia, employment opportunities, breaking news, weather reports and traffic reports and entertainment.
This publication will be an activist against social injustice, and will strive to support youth empowerment, women empowerment and human dignity and children’s rights.
Matlosana (Klerksdorp), Dr Kenneth Kaunda and the rest of the country have a lot of discovered and undiscovered talent and the magazine will play a pivotal role in unearthing and promoting this talent, the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District has produced musical legends, actors, sportsmen and women, political leaders, business leaders and it is also the most historic district in the North West Province.
Maklera Magazine will also be a key player in the local and national music industry and music business.


To date the magazine has content on it and we have been able to cover stories around the city, in sports, governance, music, business, entertainment, we also have a music platform for local artists and a video streaming platform.

To date the magazine has more than 1 million views on facebook and more than 1 Million hits on the website.
We have You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, so far we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the following: Jouberton Street Market, Matlosana Fashion Week, and Matlosana Arts& Cultural Exchange Festival which has 10 events to its name, Push The Agenda Rap Battle League, Show Lex Creations, DND Exclusives, Matlosana Entertainment Music Awards, and GKLM Events Group as media partners. This year already we have scored a partnership deal with Moch MFX Forex, and A Klerksdorp based Community TV Station called Platinum North West TV which has absorbed us as news anchors for the station.

This is what we do at events:

Conduct interviews

Take Short Videos for YouTube

Go Live on our social media accounts

Take photos

Write an article about the event and publish it on the website and all our social media platforms

Events Covered

The North West School of design

Platinum Fashion Show 2016

Cassper Nyovest Fill Up Orlando Stadium 2016

The Matlosana Entertainment

Music Awards 2016/2017

The Thabo Pelesane TB Awareness Campaign 2016

The Thabo Pelesane Charity Night Galla Dinner 2017

Push the Agenda 2 shows 2017

The Mandela Day Race 2017

The National Table Tennis

tournament held in Matlosana 2017

The Jouberton Street Market 2017

Daddy Khuselo’s Rivonia Junction books launch 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Bokone Bophirima 2017

Lebo Sekgobela tour in Matlosana 2017

Women Empowerment Workshop Star FM 2017

Build it Matlosana fun run/walk 2017

The ANC YOUTH LEAGUE 73 year’s celebration in Matlosana 2017

Matlosana Entertainment Music Awards 2017 Nominations night 2017

LGBTI Pride March held in Jouberton, Matlosana “Klerksdorp” 2017

Matlosana Fashion Week 23 September 2017

The Flamwood Colour Run 16 September 2017

Matlosana Arts & Cultural Exchange Festival (MACEF) 2017

Macef Heritage Day Celebrations 24 September

Macef Disability Fashion Show 29 September

Macef Educational Tour 29 September

Macef Artists and Filmmakers workshop 27 September

The 1st Annual Maklera Beach Party 2017

GKLM Events Group Tlokwe Chillaz 01 January 2018

Matlosana Matric Excellence Awards 2018

The City Of Matlosana Trade & Infrastructure Investment Conference from 11 -13 October 2017.

The New Horizons Academic Project for Grade 9 to 12 on 27 January 2018

We Thank everyone who continues to support the magazine, we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

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