“Ladies who seek change”

Jouberton: Throughout the history of mankind, women have always been afforded a small platform to play limited roles in society, these barriers have become a norm, and an obstacle towards the livelihood of women across the world. These walls that have been built since the beginning of time are found in Cultural, Political, Societal, and Religious practices. The 21st Century women is slowly beginning to change this patriarchal system that is entrenched in the broader spectrum of society.

These indoctrinated aspects have inspired a group of young women from the townships of Jouberton and Kanana to establish a movement which intends to be an impactful platform which will deal with the challenges, emotions and well-being women are faced with around Matlosana “Klerksdorp”

“We are the change we seek to see” is a motto for “The Movement of Matlosana” under a banner “Ladies who seek change” Its first edition was held at one of the entertainment hotspots in Jouberton, Matlosana; Thys Joint, on saturday of the 3rd of March 2018.

The theme of this feminine occassion which raised a few eyebrows and had tongues wagging, saw young women dress in their bedroom sleepwear “Lingerie and Pyjamas”. When speaking to one of the organisers Sibongile “Ree” Mqhedlane she told Maklera Magazine that the reason they chose the sexy attire is that most women feel vulnerable when wearing these items of clothing, infact most women a very sensitive and self-unconscious about their bodies.

Sibongile said! “We chose Sexy Pjs  because we wanted women to take time off from always being subjected to be formal and submissive to what society deems acceptable, in this we wanted to break the silence and be in a state of comfort in our skins and embrace our imperfections, a lot of women go through a lot of physical changes due to puberty, adolescence and pregnancy, in return all this causes women to loose confidence in loving themselves unconditionally.

The night became interesting when the MC Nonkululeko Tshabalala asked everyone to come to the fore and do an intro of themselves, laughter and jokes became an aura of the party, despite these young women having met for the first time, Ideas were exchanged and others were given a chance to speak about their life experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.

In a country which has a high rate of domestic violence and the breakout of femicide in 2017 which saw dozens of you women being killed by their lovers across the country. This social ill is a burning issue and the departments of Police, Women, Children and the Youth have a task at their hands due to most women not reporting cases of abuse by their partners whilst others are withdrawing those cases. The incidents of murder and abuse tell a tale of how we as South Africa treat our women.

The unfortunate part and a reality that also contributes to the challenges that these women go through is the fact that women themselves are abusive towards each other. The Movement of Matlosana, touched on this issue during their discussion session, the saddest part is; women take pleasure in degrading one another, and others take pride in breaking relationships of other women.

With this movement, the young women intends to be a cornerstone of change and a beacon of hope for many other women in Matlosana and beyond, some of the resolutions that were taken range from starting businesses, doing joint ventures, becoming leaders and role models to and for future generations.

The movement says there will be more events to come in the near future with different themes. The night went to its ending with the ladies singing along to American R&B singer Beyoncè Knowels Carter’s “I was here” which its words are in harmony with what “The Movement of Matlosana” is trying to achieved. The song is about Beyoncè’s contribution to humanity as a woman.


The ladies wrote short massages on a board and signed their names as a way of pledging their support and declaring to be the change they seek to see in their communities.

The Movement of Matlosana thanked the sponsors for their contribution to the event.

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