Back to basics “Lu_On_Thoughts”

By: Lungelwa Mkhuzo

Back to basics with Lu

She said delayed gratification can make you achieve what you want. She continued” I even delayed that kiss with a boy” Friends will try and fool you with words and tell you how nice it is and how much you are missing out. In her closing statement she remarked” My mom is a cleaner and my dad got retrenched. I did not have any funds to even register but today I am a doctor by God’s grace.

Those were the words uttered by Dr Valencia Simmons.

Many times it takes that one dip for a boy to take a life time of your sense of self worth by tricking you into his exploration expedition until he chases after his next conquest.

As I reflect. This is a statement that suddenly causes commotion inside of me as I reach to my younger self and think in bold letters ” THINGS I WISH I KNEW EARLIER”

This does not stop to bring one closer to life to draw an understanding that everybody needs somebody in life.” To live is to chose but to chose well you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to go there” A qoute by: Kofi Anan befitting to Valencia’s

I think to myself. She now has what no one can take away from her. You do not need to prove to the world how worthy you are as girl nor can a passage way between a girl’s legs determine that worth. You only need to prove it to yourself and do what fulfills you.

Life lesson’s can only spell.Circumstances does not determine your destiny no matter how diffucult the situation.

Your dreams can be greater than you but it takes believing in yourself that you are destined for greater things in life. Even if we stumble we can make that part of the dance and carry on.

Do not give up. Faith is believing in things not yet seen..

Inspired by a girl’s dialogue initiated by TP foundation..

Lungelwa Mkhuzo

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