Thuli Seokolo Makes History After 78 years

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: The 22 year old Thulagano “Thuli” Seokolo is a pioneer for her generation and just like many young women across South Africa and the entire continent of Africa she faces many challenges in her social life, career and industry she’s in; however she has never let anything stop her for achieving greatness.

She says she faces a lot of discrimination, envy and hatred from a lot of people but that only fuels her with passion to do more and thrive at what she does. Being in an industry that has for a long time been dominated by white people it has been difficult for her, but in her leap of faith and the support from her parents have been a strength that has kept her on her toes to represent her city.

In 2017 she made history by being the first black woman in 78 years to be crowned Miss Classic South Africa 2017/2018, before this could happen she says another contestant at the competition stepped on her dress and it got torn a bit. Which would only make her own the run way and shine like the gold of the city she comes from.

Her mom was present during the competition and she recalls the time when her name was called as the winner, she could not believe it, her mom had make her snap out of it and told her to go and collect her title because she had won it.

She has just collected another title for 2018, she is now also Miss Royal International South Africa 2018.
Besides the beauty pegeatry she is a student at Pearson Institute of Higher Education as a Bachelors of Art Degree in Psychology and Human Resources.

Source: Maklera Magazine
Image by: Maklera Magazine

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