Lewis Employees Pepper Sprayed and Robbed

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: Crime is a worrying factor in this township and criminals seem to be doing as they wish, just after the looting spree that took place in Jouberton on the 25th of April, employees at Lewis store Jouberton branch were robbed and the perpetrators took off with the cash.

The incident took place at the traffic lights between the N12 and Jabulani Street a few metres from Tower Mall on Thursday afternoon on the 2nd of May at around past five. It is alleged that four men approached the lewis delivery vehicle and pepper sprayed the assistant driver and the clerk and took R17 000 from the employees.

According to the management, the money was supposed to be taken to Lewis Klerksdorp branch for payments made by local residents. The management said! “The money had to be taken to the Lewis store in town because our system is not working since the looting that took place here, the looters took a machine that connects all the branches together so we are unable to record the payments on the system“.

A docket has been opened and police are investigating a case of robbery.



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