A Mother’s love has no boundries

Pucture by: Marrybaby.vn

By: Lungelwa Mkhuzo


A fertile ground That swallows a seed. Too deep to breed a life
They say it is a hollow pear shape organ,Between the bladder and the rectum where life process begins.

No mention of expansion as the body grows with a tummy bulging and boobs swelling, fighting for space inside the cups of a bra.
As one peeps and the other stays put within one cup.

When moods and feelings are on a battle of being happy and angry in one breath.
The mystery and art process
of being a mother

See after the pop all you get is art
on the tummy
In drawings of stretch marks
In black and bruised colours
As they settle all you get
Is a wonderful colour of silver stripes.

The intrigue as the fatigue vacates.

A mother the harbour of life
The incubator of love and warmth
Beyond the womb
A mother is a heart and mind
That waves away pain
And  bridges the gap of love and hate beyond her gender.

She is a voice of unspoken words
That prays with her hands to
Heal and bring life
With tears she fights the fears
And cleanses her soul
To face yet the continuous battle
Between her children and the nation.

For her love cannot be saved
just for her own
It stretches beyond the bounds and borders of ocean’s and seas
Lakes and rivers
With an endless flow.

A mother’s  love has no boundaries..

Happy Mother’s Day

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