Mpipi Group’s Wellness Day “Help Donate Clothes”

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Picture by: Melanie Le Roux

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”:The 2018 Wellness Day will be held at Rio Casino on 19 May, this initiative is a selfless Community Development stepping stone idea which is asking the people of Matlosana to participate and assist in donating clothes for all genders and different age groups.

Its founder Neo Mpipi is a Klerksdorp born and raised businesswoman who has worked outside the city for quite sometime and says when she cameback home in 2015 noticed that a lot of people in the townships were not exercising.

Seeing that most people associated exercising with joining a gym in order to get in shape, her burning desire and a philanthropic spirit gave birth to an idea which was born in 2017 in the form of “Wellness Day“.

I was turning 40 years old and working on my 40 bodyshe recalls and laughs“… her friend and fitness coach gave her a boot camp as a gift for her birthday. This prompted her to take the first step in making her idea a reality by getting people to exercise without going to the gym.

The wellness day took place on 20 May 2017 wereby its initiative was to donate books for a Jouberton based “Masedi Primary School” at that time the school wanted to establish a library.

The wellness day for 2017 was  organised to ensure participants bring books and join the exercising and nutritional supplements that were shared by the fitness coach.

Stakeholders that took part in the 2017 wellness day are; Coca Cola, The Department of health, The Municipality through Sports Arts and Culture and M.Y.O.B

This year’s event has visitors from Rustenburg, The Rustenburg Aerobics Fanatics (RAF) will come over to the city to be part of the wellness day. Neo says “in her years of working in other provinces she saw communities forming organizations strictly focused on exercising” she mentions that “Kanana” has an exercise theme park which most people do not know of and for her, she sees this as an opportunity for kids and the elderly to utilise this facility to exercise.

The Department of Social Development has volunteered to bring the elderly and people with disabilities to exercise and get an incite on nutrition this coming saturday. “Exercising is not using equipment, Exercising is taking advantage of what you have around you and using it towards a better health” said! Neo

Maklera Magazine, Mpipi Group, Rio Casino, M.Y.O.B, Kaynah Fitness House, RAF Studio (Guest Gym), Coca Cola, Social Development, Department of health and Rio Casino is urging the community of Matlosana to be part of this great initiative by donating clothes to the people who need them” 

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