Walk a mile in my shoes presents “School Uniform Fun Walk”

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: Walk A Mile In My Shoes is a community centre which is based in Jouberton Ext 7, the centre is doing an outstanding job at rebuilding and rehabilitating the community of Jouberton. They have various projects within the centre, with Education, Lifeskills, Sports, Arts and Culture being some of their main focus.

On the previous artcle we learned about how the centre was established and its goals for the future. One of the goals which is about to become a reality is the upcoming 16 June youth day celebrations that they have been planning for the past few months.

The Executive director of the centre Mr Brain Saul says he was inspired when he visted home from Johannesburg on June 16 2017. Brain was amazed with the number of attandance at nearby soccer ground which hosted the June 16 soccer tourment. “I saw an opportunity then as i saw how many people had attended the soccer tournament, so i said this should be held every year.

Walk A Mile In My Shoes” has approached companies for sponsorships for the “Youth Day” “School Uniform Fun Walk” and according to Brian the sponsors have agreed to come on board for the “Youth Day Celebrations” They are planning to raise funds and resources and not only monetary value is the focus. The event is also about raising social awareness regarding the hardships the youth are faced with.

They are trying to bring leaders, public figures and celebrities to the event and conversate on issues and advice the youth. There’s going to be a youth dialogue which will discuss the significance of the June 16 Day as it is a very historic day for the country, chess tournament, soccer are also on the programme on the day.

The office of the president has been given the proposal of the celebrations and are planning to come on board so that the event is celebrated nationally in a similar way as the  “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” “School Uniform Fun Walk

Walk A Mile In My Shoes” merchandise such as Sweaters, Beanies, Caps, Hoodies and T-shirts will be sold in order to raise funds for the centre.


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