The Dandy is more than a fashionable brand is a street culture #YouthMonth

Edited by:Motsieng Mooketsi 

Story by:Pako Mokopanele 

Jouberton:Boitshoko Nathane met with Pako Mokopanele in 2015 and they became the best of friends and their friendship was soon to become Entrepreneurial.

The pair created a clothing brand called Dandy which they define the term as “A person who’s fashionable and stylish” and it was influenced by South African R&B sensation Tellaman‘s song “Dandy“.  Their mentor/Photographer Lebogang sithole owner of Sub-zero Entertainment and Apex Photography has been helping then with the brand since the brand was Born. an Local Artists like Triple LMG have been supporting the brand and have been seen performing wearing the brand at Neon Party.

The Key to the brand’s identity is the inventive approach to fashion, Dandy is more than just a clothing label, it’s an integral part of urban/township street culture. The brand is paying tribute to its influence on everyone who is Fashionable and Stylish.

You can find the brand on Social Media Facebook:Dandy Wear

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