Stadium lawn burned ahead of the EFF’s National Youth Day Celebration


Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: The Economic Freedom Fighters “EFF” will be celebrating its National Youth Day in Jouberton, Klerksdorp at the historic Matlosana Stadium.

Thousands of EFF members and supporters from across the country are expected to paint the big township of Jouberton red this Saturday as the country will be celebrating the commemoration of “The 1976 Youth Uprisings” that left thousands of students dead and injured.

Ever since the news of the youthful and vibrant political party were announced that they will be heading to Matlosana, dozens of EFF members have been seen moving all over the city campaigning and spreading the word of a visit from the highest structure of the party.  Its CIC Julius Malema is expected to address EFF supporters and touch on the challenges faced by the youth.

Meanwhile EFF leaders and supporters are furious after a stadium which is going to host its National Youth Day Event’s lawn has been torched, and some of its posters have been torn apart and detached from walls around the township of Jouberton.

This happens when political parties are strategizing for the “2019 National Elections” which are just a few months away from now. This has raised concerns and some EFF members point their fingers to the ruling party and accusing it of desperation and sabortage.

When speaking to some EFF members they said “This is all the doings of the ANC, since when does a stadium lawn get burned out of the blue, a sports field lawn can not be burned, it can only be replaced.

The Event will begin at 10h00 in the morning. and transport will be available to pick members from different pick-up points around Matlosana “Klerksdorp

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