It’s Time To Honour ourselves says Malema

Story by:Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton:The Economic Freedom Fighters painted the township of Jouberton red this past Saturday at its National Youth Day Celebration at Matlosana Stadium.

The top leadership of the party was present, according to the party’s provincial chairperson in the North West, The EFF is growing more in the North West than any other province. “We all know that it is undisputed that North West is the home of the EFF, The party was formed in this province and we continue to see this growth, we have been able to produce 193 PR Councillors and 7 Ward Councillors in the province something we are very proud of“.

The party enjoys an enormous youth following and with its leaders being youthful and academic its something that looks to be very interesting to young people, the party is also well ahead of schedule for the preparations of National Elections, and it would seem like support is increasing by day for the party which is only 5 years old.

The anticipated speech had members of the EFF anxiously waiting for their leader at the stadium during the early hours of the morning.

In his opening statement the party’s president and CIC Julius Malema did not waste time on pointing out the most burning issues in the country, and as he is well known for not mincing his words when addressing a crowd.

Julius touched on the purpose of the day which is remembering the generation of 1976 for sacrificing with their lives to ensure that the youth of today are emancipated. “We must also not forget the generation of 2015 who brought campuses around the country into a standstill demanding a free and decolonised education under the #FeesMustFall Campaign“. He further outlined that young people have honoured Nelson Mandela by making him president, followed by Thabo Mbeki and his arch nemesis Jacob Zuma who he called Big headed and stupid, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Malema’s voice echoed across the township of Jouberton, and could be heard from miles away. “On the subject of education”… he linked his point to the scrapping of labour broking and told! the masses that Wits University is currently operating with insourcing and it’s  work force is now permanent and are receiving benefits. Malema said! the children of wits employees are going to study at Wits for free.

The firebrand went into the gist of Indian racism against black people. Which caused a lot of controversy in parliament recently when Deputy President and Chief Whip of the EFF Floyd Shivambu questioned about preferences of Indians when coming to positions of authority in parliament and otherwise. This sparked debate and anger amongst the Indian Community.

Malema went straight into the issue and supported his statement with statistics and said! “Indians are racists and they see themselves as more human and better than Africans“. We have to address these issues because if we keep quite we would be slowing transformation“.

Statistics show that Indians don’t marry blacks, they don’t vote for black political parties and BBE is doiminated by Indians“. CIC called on the amendment of the BEE to ensure transformation and fair business opportunities for Africans.

The attentive crowd kept cheering when Malema addressed them, He urged the youth of Jouberton to stay out of drugs, gangsterism, and go to school. CIC called on the unity of Africans for a common purpose of supporting one another, “We should support one another as blacks, however we as black people we need to give the best service, supporting one another doesn’t mean poor services”.

The challenge of crime was also mentioned in the speech, he says that crime is too high in the country and something needs to be done to ensure that there’s law and order. “Bheki Cele is doing a good job with the police, however he can only do so much, the core of this problem is because of poverty, Police must act accordingly when faced with dangerous armed criminals “Police must not be cowards, a criminal who points a gun to a police must meet his maker said…Malema!

Continuing to point out the most controversial issues. Malema reiterated that land and the wealth of the country should be shared amongst South Africans and that land should be expropriated without compensation.

Pleading with South African men to stop with the abuse of women, CIC says all over the world where they travel people call them abusers and this is bad for the image of the country. He thanked everyone who came to the youth day celebration and reminded them to go and register to vote for the EFF because change is coming.

The leadership of the EFF stayed after the speech and danced with the crowd. South African Musicans like Ringo, Spikiri, Stilo Magolide, Alaska, Durban Nyts, Black Motion, and Jub Jub performed and set the stage alight.

To see more photos of what went down at Matlosana Stadium go to Maklera Magazine’s facebook page.


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