Djs bid farewell to a young murdered Dj

Story: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: On Saturday 23 June is a day that shocked the community of Ext 10. This is due to the death of a young Dj who was part of an entertainment and entrepreneurship group known as “Skovino” the group consists of Djs, and Musicians.

Thato “Dj Marothi” Ramokgadi was shot dead infront of his home in Ext 10 East. His aunt, Maisa Mahiwa told us about the details of the incident. Maisa says she had just came home from work and asked Thato to cook, he refused and told her he had cooked the previous day. The aunt went into her bedroom to rest a bit.

2 munites into the bedroom she heard a banging sound of a gun and could hear someone running, it was Thato’s younger sister who rushed into the house crying. “Maisa asked her whats wrong“?, the little sister told her that Thato had been shot!. She went to see what was happening and found Thato laying down, there were four other guys who were at the scene.

Maisa says she carried Thato in her arms as he was bleeding, she then put him down and saw the person that had been told shot at Thato,  she yelled at him “The suspect” to assist with taking Thato to the hospital. Seeing no reaction from the “Suspect” Maisa ran to a Neighbor called “George Mothibi” who took Thato to the hospital with his friend’s private car. She did not accompany them to the hospital, she stayed behind and tried to digest what had just happend.

Suddenly the gun was found on the scene and there were stories that there’s a golf that came and someone came out of it and shot! at Thato. Thato’s friends who witnessed the incident confirmed that “The Suspect” is the one who shot at Thato as he was playing with the gun and even on friday he was playing with it and they begged him to stop playing with the gun.

On Sunday “The Suspect“‘s family visited Thato’s home to offer their support and condolences, The  family expressed their disappointment at the actions of their son and said! They did not know that their son had a gun. It is apparent that the gun is unlicensed.

Thato’s family expressed their heart break and sorrow at the loss of their son who they say was a down to earth person and very jokeful person at times. Her mom “Elizabeth Mahiwa” said! “she will miss his laughter and the fact that he used to shout! at them and often acted like the man of the house“. The family says it will take them quite a long-time to forget Thato.

At his funeral service his Dj friends payed tribute to him by playing some of his favourite house tracks, the “Skovino group” told people who attended the funeral that Thato was a Dj, so we are going to send him off like a Dj and the youthful mourners did what the youth loves doing. They danced, sang and celebrated their friend’s life to say good bye and send him off with a lifestyle he lived. “Dj Devine Mokwepa” who’s known to be their leader told the pastor that seemed to have a problem with how the funeral service was being run. The Dj told the pastor to give them an opportunity to showcase what Thato enjoyed doing the most, That’s having fun and dancing.

The councillor of ward 8 in Ext 10 East Mr Johnny Ntiane told everyone that it was the first time in Ext 10 there was such a funeral and that Thato was born in 1994 during South Africa’s birth of a democratic country and therefore this meant young people should be accommodated with their culture and lifestyle as long as they do it with respect. Ntiane told Maklera Magazine that they have been monitoring the two families in order to keep calmness and order so that no one threatens the other and avoid tension.

The Skovino Group said they will miss their beloved friend who was actually like a brother to them. “Thato was a cool person, he would always advice us in our group and he loved music” said! Members of the group.


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