I Am One Of Them Foundation gives meals to a 150 people on the streets

Story by: Zwai Qwadikazi and Remeo Mahomed

Edited by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”: On Sunday 15th of July I AM ONE OF THEM FOUNDATION. went to the streets of klerksdorp with 150 plates of food to give to the disadvantaged & unprivileged one’s, the Foundation also prayed for the youth found on the street who were under the influence of drugs & alcohol, as this is part of building the country.
The foundation also took part of giving 300 hampers to the community of jouberton in June at the Jouberton Community Hall. 

The Foundation is a faith based movement which sees itself as having being assigned by the Lord Jesus to change lives of fellow human beings through the gospel and commucation with God’s unconditional Love and goodness.

They do this through giving gifts to families that are victims of intense porverty, and also strive to unveil to them the mystry of helping yourself out of your own challenges by helping others.

The world over humans are too occupied by their own troubles and they miss many opportunities surrounding them, these are opportunities of helping fellow man and been rewarded by God Himself for looking away from your own troubles.

This is a very powerful truth we learned by our own experiences and since we started acting on it our lives have been blessed on every side.

No metter how desperate you may be there’s always someone more desperate than yourself and that person is your opportunity to the top.

Our aim is to teach our fellow South Africans to look away from begging man for help and acting together with God to be helpers.

Our desperation is unnecessary if we could only know how big and able is God, and He’s looking for partners to change the world.

Lets look around and begin to see human suffering as opportunity for you to be a blessing and be blessed, this is powerful grace of giving and receiving.


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