Klera’s illest reach out to the community

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”:The lifestyle of car spinners is generally linked with criminality, lawbreakers, recklessness and the bad boy image. “But what most people don’t know is that these motor enthusiasts are philanthropists at heart, because most of them do car spinning to make a positive impact in society”.

The Klera’s Illest crew did just that on Saturday 4th August at William’s Hunt “Opel Klerksdorp”. Their parkoff event which is a show and shine type of event with different car brands and teams showing off the best sound systems, tyres, rims interior and extirior of their cars.

The five friends who begin their team as a result of the love they have for cars,… soon realised as they grew closer to each other that there is an impact that they can make with their passion, in the community by keeping kids off the streets.

Eslyn Francis told us that as time went on, the community work became part of their daily living to help the less fortunate in society, The movement was formed in 2016 and currently has 15 members from around Klerksdorp, they have worked with eight community organistions within and outside the city since its establishment.

Tiens Joubert from William’s Hunt “Opel Klerksdorp” is the sales manager at the dealership, and he’s the one who persuaded Klera’s illest to host the event at Flamwood Walk, Tiens says he was touched by the great work that the spinners do for the community after seeing them last year at Matlosana Mall.

Where my involvement came in, is where the hearts of these guys touched my heart, last year i joined them at their parkoff at  Matlosana Mall and saw the great work they do for the less fortunate in the community

Eslyn and his wife did a selfless act of caring when they both took off their AirMax Nike sneakers and donated them to two kids from Walk A Mile In My Shoes. The touching act of kindness to sacrifice and give to a fellow human had everyone clapping their hands in amazement.

The Jouberton based centre Walk A Mile In My Shoes was present to entertain the car spinners with thier routine dance moves they rehearse at the centre, they were accompanied by the founder Joyce Ntombizile Saul and Executive director Brian Saul. Klera’s illest gave a box full of donations to the centre. All three parties involved in this said! Its the beginning of a partnership from now on and moving forward.

Irvin Phexy Tshabalala and Joe of VW Klerksdorp were part of the event and provided transportation to Walk A Mile In My Shoes centre.

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