Portia Maseola Edu-Care aims to enhance Education for kids


Story by:Motsieng Mooketsi 

Photo by: Portia Maseola

Jouberton: Portia Maseola is a passionate young woman with a burning desire and drive to enhance the education of kids  during after school hours.

She has established an education centre, Called The Portia M Edu-Care Programme in Jouberton Ext 11, according to Portia, she has always wanted to establish such an initiative but because of work and a busy schedule, this defocused her for taking the steps to implement her idea, as she wanted to be the one working directly on the project.

It was when she stopped working as a programs Implementer at Department of Social Development On April 2018, she finally intiated the project, With the first class beginning on the 10th of April 2018. The Portia M Edu-care Programme’s objective is aimed at enhancing the education of kids around the city. She has made presentations around schools in both Klerksdorp and Jouberton.

I have noticed that teachers in schools are not doing enough for our kids, all they do is to try push the syllabus and finish doing their work  which is not enough”.

So this passion of educating and working with kids is something she loves and enjoys. This is why she established the organisation so that she can assist kids. The initiative is not yet registered and to date it has eight kids under it. 4 are from Jouberton, 2 from Alabama and 2 is from Klerksdorp.

When she started the programme she wanted to start with Grades 4 to 9, but because word has been spreading around, other parents heard about the initiative and are interested to bring their children. This has since prompted her to start accepting kids from Grades 3 to 9. The kids are assisted with Homeworks, Projects, Study methods, Assignments, Extra lessons and anything that is academic based.

Portia Maseola has not done any formal course in education so that she can be able to do what she’s doing. Thi is all driven by love and passion. She’s planning to push with the idea so that it can grow and be registered. Her lessons are on weekdays Mondays to Fridays anytime after 13h00 O’clock and the kids are not allowed to leave before 17h00. The lessons are charged at R120 per month.

Portia says most parents don’t want their children to go to school in the townships and yet the parents forget that there are people who went to the schools in town and they know the curricular that is being taught in those multiracial schools.

The Portia M Edu-care Programme is also seeing a need to assist kids in language because most of the kids in the townships suffer with the English language and it causes a problem because job application and many other things are done in english in the corporate world. The initiative has bigger plans to turn the Edu-Care Centre into an academy.

“Parents should play a big role in the education of their children, I also urge parents to help me help them better the education of their children, to supports their kids with talents in various other arts and cultural activities”

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