“For us 9 August is a time for mourning”

Written by: Thando Mota

Edited by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”:The country was swept by women’s day celebrations this past week, but for many its a reminder of the reality that women are faced with abuse, discriminationa and poverty. femicide has also become a very painful and emotional issue in the country.

A group of six young brave women conquered the N12 on Thursday 9 August just closer the Flamwood Walk Shopping centre’s traffic lights. These young ladies wrote emotional massages about the challenges and difficulties women are going through in the country, they strategically began the campaign during peak hour, so that the massage can reach more people.

Motorists hooted their cars in support of the campaign and awareness, the ladies were dressed in black in solidarity and tribute to women who are faced with abuse and suffering. Thando Mota said! “Its Women’s Day Celebrations today, but we are mourning for the likes of Khensani Maseko of Rhodes University who committed suicide after allegedly being raped by her boyfriend, we are going through a lot as women in this country and this needs to stop”

With an Awareness Campaign against Women abuse and violence. These six strong, courageous, bold, fierce, and fearless young women stood together in celebration of women’s day. However their celebration was unique and a first in the City of Matlosana, The celebration was accompanied by emotions, tears, and bleeding hearts because of the tragedies happening today to women in the country.
Together they stood to be one voice and a voice for the voiceless.

Tholwana Sekgoebe a 22 year old from Kanana township shared this idea with one of the young women she draws inspiration from, The 24 year old Thando Mota who is a Social Work Graduate, a Leader, Founder of Keep Pushing Productions. They were also joined by; Lesego Masitenyane, Vovoti Zitha,
Antoinette Mphakama, Amanda Gijana

“Tholwana felt the need to have this campaign in this very important date in order to send a strong massage that even though its women’s day the reality is that women are going through abuse, rape, assault, violence, and death in a society that a legacy of patriarchy”.

These young women came together because they share the same sentiments when it comes to creating change, women empowerment, and awareness on women’s rights. They said they intend expanding the campaign to make it more bigger and better anually.

“In order to see change, it needs to start with you. You’ve got to act and act now. This is what they did.”

I am Enough

I am human

Stop Abusing Us

Stop Raping Us

Stop Killing Us

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