Wamims three Cs has an impact on the elderly

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Jouberton: We wrote a story about “The Walk A Mile In My Shoes” community organisation a few months ago, and it seems like everytime we meet with them, they are running a new project.

This NPO was established in 2017 and already it’s impactful work it’s starting to show off, according Brian Saul, its executive director, The young people who are part of the centre which is based in Jouberton, Ext 7, have literally started running the organisation by themselves.

This is evident as the youth of Wamims have come up with a new project called “Wamims Youth Three Cs. The acronym stands for “Walk A Mile In My Shoes Youth Clean, Cook and Care for the elderly. 

Every month they identify an elderly person’s home, particularly those that live alone or with their grandchildren, with no one to care for. On saturday 8 September they were in Jouberton, Ext 11 at a house of a very sick elderly woman who lives with her 17 year old granddaughter, the house was identified by one of the youth at the centre.

Brian Saul says the reason they do this project is that they do not only want to preach it to the young people but they want them to live it. These young people are inspired through the three Cs project, “You know serving is something else, when you serve its priceless and you can not put a price tag on it. Said! Brian…further outlining that they have seen a huge difference in the children’s lives, and  some admit that they used to be lazy but now they are assisting with doing chos at their homes.

During the project boys dress up like women and girls dress like men, to make it fun and funky to ensure that the youth enjoy doing all this great work, after the cleaning a “Potjie kos” pot is cooked and everyone enjoys the feast. This is finished off with fun and playing games.

Every house that is identified and cleaned, is monitored and sustained and renovations are done where necessary. Wamims left the elderly woman with a gocery that will last the woman and her granddaughter for a month. They have also committed to fixing the broken windows of the home.

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