“Mbuso Management Solutions has the keys to the re-opening of Vaal University of Technology”

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi 

Matlosana”Klerksdorp”:The City of Matlosana will soon be counted amongst the cities that have a university in the country. Many people have previously  made a call to the idea of the city having its own higher learning institution, The Vaal University of Technology which was operational in the Klerksdorp CBD closed down more than a decade ago and this had an effect on the economy of the city.

“On thursday the 4th of October, history was made when Anglo Gold Ashanti handed over the Itireleng residence to Mbuso Management Solutions for the re-development and renovations of the buildings into an engineering campus of the Vaal University”. Mr Clay Bronkhorst of Anglo Gold Ashanti said! “It is a memorable occasion today as we are handing-over the Itireleng residence and other facilities for the re-establishment of the Vaal University of Technology and Road Traffic  Management College“. The historic occasion was also graced by ward councillor Khaya Ndicede, who gave a massage of support to Mbuso Management Solutions, and the City of Matlosana on the monumental achievement.

The Director of Mbuso Management Solutions Daddy Lwazi Khuselo who is a strategist and serves in the council of the “Central Johannesburg College” is the brains behind this landmark opportunity for the entire Matlosana region, when speaking to him, he took us on a journey they went through for the past eighteen months of dealing with Academics, Governance, and the Corporates which all have their own dynamics and modus operandi, but at the same time it was also a learning path for him and the project team to maneuver and re-strategize on their goal. Khuselo says it was on the eve of the handing-over when it finally hit home that it is actually happening, the dream that started five years ago was coming to fruition.

This amazing project began in 2013, but it was the current municipal council that gave the initiative the greenlight under the stewardship of the current executive mayor Cllr Maetu Kgaile, that things started falling into place. Amazingly this project came to live eighteen months ago with the blessing and unwavering support of the mayor and the MOU “Memorandum of understanding” was signed on April of 2017. “Mbuso Management Solutions has previously embarked on a local and national road show to attract technical and financial partners for the project”. At the moment His team includes; technical experts like engineers, quantity surveyors, structural engineers and high level contractors.

According to Khuselo the re-establishment of the Vaal University of Technology into the city will bring with it an array of economic spin-offs such as hang-out spots, transportation, accommodation, beauty services, and other untapped economic growth opportunities which needs entrepreneurial human capital, dozens of jobs will be created from this project, however people need to get the necessary training in order to be able to offer services to the university in line with the rules of the department of education.

“Mbuso Management Solutions has made it clear that there will be no tenders from this project, “There is no government money and resources involved in this, its a risk they took and are raising capital from an open market which means people dig into their pockets to invest in the project”. “People need to think like entrepreneurs for instances; if we have five hundred girls coming to live here, think of what they are going to need, cause these girls have to do their hair, nails and so on” said! Khuselo.

The Vaal University of Technology Matlosana Campus in Orkney is conducive  to be an engineering campus because of the heavy duty machinery, the mining industry, engineering workshops and facilities found at Itireleng residence and other mining shafts in the same vicinity. “We want this opportunity to be about Matlosana and therefore it has to cover the entire city” said! Khuselo.

Stilfontien will be a business campus of the University due to its serene environment and economically the town it’s township Khuma need a boost, Hartebeesfontien will be an agricultural campus because naturally it has a vast land availability. The Klerksdorp campus has a seventeen hactres of land next to Markotter Stadium which will be developed for a medical school campus of the University, the promixity of Tshepong, Klerksdorp Hospital and The newly built Jouberton Health Centre places Klerksdorp as key in the health faculties.

Mbuso Management Solutions says this University is going to have faculties which are in line with what the economic needs of the country. “We want to be able to attract people from all over the country to the Matlosana campus by offering courses that are not found in other universities across the country”

Mbuso Management Solutions strategically appointed 40 graduates belonging to each ward in Matlosana to find out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities Analytics of each ward in order to structure the University’s campuses according to the special needs and strengths of the four towns of Matlosana. The study was also escalated to the entire Dr Kenneth Kaunda District.

The Vaal University of Technology Matlosana Campus is expected to began classes in the second semester of 2019, after signing on the doted lines from Anglo Gold Ashanti, Mbuso Management Solutions assured everyone  that work on the refurbishment of the residence will get underway in no time. The residence has over 900 residential rooms and also brings with it workshops, halls, a shopping complex, a cafeteria, a gym, a church and many other facilities.

Mr Ben Ntaopane who serves in the portfolio of Local Economic Development, Mr Masibulele Naki from the NUM,  Sibongile Tshabalala from the office of the mayor were part of the dignitaries present at the event.

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  1. Finally Mr Daddy Khuselo hard work,resilience and perseverance pays,I’m taking my mind back in 2016 when you approach all municipalities IN Dr KK District via district Municipality to have a coordinated and integrated human resource development strategy and execute it in a form of a developmental institute.A few of us understood your point, saw your vision and dream.Many humiliated you, many made you to pay an emotional price many thought you will be broken and drop your vision. kante ,no you persisted it took 5 years of sweat and tears But came 2018 God answered you and I know you have always said this is for the community and indeed emu have confidence in you Daddy All the Best and God Bless

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