Workshop addresses disputes over Estates, Wills and testaments

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi

Jouberton: Velile Mjekula and Mapaseka Mosupa, are doing an outstanding job for their community, the two are determined to ensure that justice is served in society.

They voluntarily run an NPO “Non-profit organisation called JADEC “Jouberton Advisory Development Centre”, at the Jouberton Community Hall.

The centre deals with law, they are a registered and recognised law society, which is able to assist with law and justice, with a focus on the following;

  1. Domestic Violence and Harassment
  2. Labour and Consumer Disputes
  3. Divorce, parental rights and Maintenance
  4. Claiming of late estates
  5. Tracing benefits (IUF, Pension, Insurance, and Unclaimed estates)
  6. Eviction
  7. Relationship Coaching (Marriage counselling)
  8. Business registrations and professional business plan drafting
  9. Housing problems

To date, they have been able to successfully solve over 1500 cases, ranging from Labour Issues, Domestic Violence, Estate disputes and many other matters affecting individuals and families.

On Thursday 31 January 2019, they hosted an estate workshop In association with the “Potchefstroom Law Clinic”, at the community hall for their clients. The workshop was in response to a high rate of disputes regarding “Evictions, and Estate Disputes”.

Velile Mjekula said! “The workshop we held today is about Wills, Testaments and Estates, because previously we’ve had cases of family members fighting over assets and even going as far as magistrate courts and those kinds of things”.

According to Mr Mjekula most people don’t understand “what happens when a person dies”, and because they don’t understand, they end up waiting for 10 to 20 years and then consider claiming the estates and other assets.

On the issue of houses, Mjekula says in most cases people discover when there is a need to change a name for an inheritance of a houses that the deceased’s names still appears on title deeds, and most families tend to fight as to who should own the property, only to find out that in such cases a letter of authority from the “Master of the high court” is needed.

The problem arises, because often times families don’t know who’s gonna handle what, this results in disputes and fights for the property amongst families.

Jadec, invited the elderly who own properties in order to create an awareness of “what is a testament, and what is a will, the workshop also gave the attendees an insight on how to write a will and how to desolve an estate.

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