Boko haram doing it for education

Story by: Motsieng Mooketsi

Jouberton:The infamous Boko Haram wants change the perception of being associated with wrong doing in Matlosana, these days they are trending for all the good reasons.

Last week we saw them on facebook assisting with the burial of a family, whose child was killed by thugs in Jouberton.

On tuesday 28 May, they donated school shoes and uniforms to pupils in Sediko and Zimele Geqe Primary Schools in Jouberton, the motorcade which was joined by the office of the speaker in association with Maklera Magazine made its way from Sediko to Zimele Geqe.

Pupils at Sediko received jerseys, pants, tracksuits and shoes and a donation of shoes was made to Zimele Geqe during a parent’s meeting. The excited parents sang “Zizo Jik’izinto” which means “Things Will Change“. Boko Haram joined in the song and dance.

The principal of Zimele Geqe Mr Ndabayithethwa Fikizolo expressed gratitude towards the initiative done by Boko Haram and everyone involved in the project, the principal says they were skeptical about the proposal of Boko Haram to sponsor shoes to pupils, after having heard stories of mischief about Boko Haram, but also saw it fitting to work with them, as they saw people who want to repent.

In recent times Boko Haram has been accused of causing mayhem in Jouberton, eairler this year a protest erupted and schools were interrupted, and all fingers pointed to Boko Haram, something they refuted to.

Boko Haram says after those incidents, they approached the office speaker and had a talk regarding the spate of protests that took place around Jouberton. Later on they went to Star FM, to clear their name from being dragged in the mud. Though they admit to having done mistakes before, in the past; however they want to be part of the rebuilding of the community.

One of the members says “We went to Star FM to make things clear that we were not part of the disruptions in schools, there were people using Boko Haram’s name for their own interests, we would never disturb kids from going to school, we went to school ourselves and some of us even went to tertiary

The speaker’s office says it saw an opportunity to work with Boko Haram, “Washington Ntozini” City Of Matlosana speaker, was part of the handing over of school shoes and uniform at the two primary schools.

The speaker said! “For us this is also a way to partner with Boko Haram who are members of the community to use the platform to rectify mistakes they have done in the Matlosana, we work with everyone who wants to bring change in this city”, Ntozini says they are going to work with Boko Haram for their upcoming community projects across Matlosana.

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