Matlosana 4IR Challenges The Community

Story by: Matlosana 4IR Forum

Edited by: Motsieng Mooketsi

Matlosana”Klerksdorp: In it’s introduction Matlosana Fourth Industrial Revolution Forum (#m4ir) held its monthly meeting on the 28th June 2019 and made an assessment of the economic situation that is busy deteriorating in light of the city’s dependency on mining which is now on its decline. Matlosana has over 120 000 job seekers within its 600 000 or more population and new industries and sectors need to be ushered in now rather than later.

m4IR has launched a drive to raise awareness of local communities struggling from a bloodbath of job losses, unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Fourth Industrial Revolution is a very scary topic to many people in the community just like it was the case when people the world over had to be Y2K compliant without clearly grasping the what and the how.

4IR like any phenomenon has its merits & demerits. Under developed and developing countries are at a disadvantage as most of the populations have low technical skill levels, lower literacy levels and safer or secure safety nets with communicates existing outside formal economies.

m4IR has set out to help many people in Matlosana to be ready for the fourth industrial revolution by facilitating training the people in general and unemployed in particular in Project Management, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other ICT related skills programmes.

Picture by:Matlosana 4IR Forum

Training & Skills Development

Mr. Jack Monna is leading the process of organising training session where skills programmes covering Excel; Public Speaking, Project Management, and Social Media Marketing, whilst Nibble Institute will lead the process for skilling the community on Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other ICT related skills programmes.

All people who need to be upskilled and those who wish to volunteer to share their knowledge and expertise in these and other technical fields should feel free to contact #M4IR.

A lot of unemployed people across the board need these training and vital skills interventions to explore job opportunities in the fields like; Software Development, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, 3D Printing, Digital Content Developers, Drone Piloting, Coding and Programming amongst others

Innovation Hub

m4ir is in discussions with the Matlosana Municipality to get space at the Enterprise Development Centre outside Orkney where an Innovation Hub will be established to help foster the manufacturing drive and new innovations, training of trainers and a resource centre for innovators and business entities

Support for Companies

A number of companies and individuals with various innovations have approached the forum for assistance to lobby and advocate on their behalf with support they need ranging from materials, land, financial and workshop space for manufacturing.

Amongst those that have come forward will be innovating new technologies like the Organic Composting, Water Purification, Hydro-Fertiliser Synthesis Development; Spinetector Vests for heavy duty; AutoPet Feeders, Bicycle Modification, Mini-Solar Panels.

These entities successes will help a great deal in the diversification of the local economy by aligning their operations and practices with latest technological trends that are necessitated by the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

m4ir will marshall role-players provincially and nationally to kickstart their business ventures.

Membership of #m4ir

m4ir is open for membership from people and entities involved in ICT Supplies/Sales; Hardware, Networking, Telecommunications, Banking, Internet of Things, Research & Development, Electronics, ICT/Media Education, Design/Media/Advertising, Professional Services, Robotics, Mining, Agriculture, Agro-Processing and many other related fields.

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