Ms B’s Fragrances Are For All Seasons

Story by:Motsieng Mooketsi

Jouberton: Allow me to quote “Thomas Hardy” when he says “The perfect woman you see is a working-woman, not an idler; not a fine lady; but the one who uses her hands and her head and her heart for the good of others”

Synonymously and In every true sense of the quote, the same can be said about Mrs Brown Moruthane, she epitomizes the 21st century woman, and refuses to limit herself to social standards and norms by defying the odds to realise her dreams and reach the mountain top, in an industry which is highly competitive by its nature.

Born and bred in Klerksdorp the young woman has come a long way in the industry of beauty and cosmetics “She says she has explored a couple of businesses before and has always fell back to beauty and cosmetics, hence she is passionate about this elegant industry.

Being exposed to this industry gave her the ability to spot an opportunity with the potential to establish her brand of perfumes, and this prompted her to conduct a thorough research about cosmetics.

She looked at the market and her competitors, and came up with an idea of a product line that can be seasonal for both sexes “I thought of introducing something new of which is Seasonal Perfumes for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons and that is how Seasonal Fragrances came into being” she said!

The Seasonal Fragrances has four bottles of different perfumes per season, which is a total of sixteen perfumes assorted to suit a client’s needs for both males and females.

Seasonal Fragrances has 30 mls bottles which sell for R80 and 50 mls are R150, “I [The editor] received a complimentary Quick Silver bottle and applied it on a Saturday night out with friends and many people could not help but pass a remark about my sensuous good smell.

Ms B creates and mixes her own products, and with a 2 years experience since the establishment of this brand, she’s proud to say the business is up and running, with signs of positive strengths in growth.

Her company “Beautiful Brains Enterprise” umbrellas “The House of Ms B” products, which range from hair, nails, bags, water, juice and; of course perfumes.

The business venture has created an enterprenuerial space for those who wish to sell the perfumes, and this opportunity is aimed at building and empowering the community at large.

Ms B has urged everyone to try her brand of perfumes, more especially those who are interested in running their own businesses or earning extra cash by selling Seasonal Fragrances.

The House of Ms B has a marketing team for it’s products, and says those who want to grab this opportunity need not worry about marketing cause the brand itself will promote on behalf of everyone through radio stations, social media, local news papers and magazines.

The House of Ms B is currently based in the Eastern Cape, and after giving it a thought she’s bringing the brand to her hometown of Klerksdorp, the perfumes can be ordered at Afro New Image Hair Studios in the Klerksdorp CBD, at Boom Street, in the vicinity of Westend building.

For more information please contact Basta Mogesane from Afro New Image in Klerksdorp On 0824997040 or for your nearest agent on 078 912 8689.

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