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The most important drive for any business, event, brand and initiative is advertising because it gives the business or organisation’s exposure, it tells potential and existing customers more information about a service or product the business, company or organisation is rendering and selling, advertising plays an integral part in promoting an event and marketing of products.

We advertise for small and big businesses, we don’t advertise for free, sexual, and offensive material will not be advertised on the magazine, in line with the terms and conditions.


The same as advertising and marketing, promoting is also interrelated to advertising because its role is to reach an audience but within a specific period of time an example is when a company is introducing a new product or brand, giving away vouchers and a discount sale, its part of promotional advertising, we will not promote explicit and offensive material.


Interrelates with advertising and promotions because it draws attention and it includes colour, packaging, logos, appearance, time and the detailing of the intended message a company, business, organisation wants to transmit to its audience or customers. The magazine will not market explicit and offensive material.


This section caters for meetings, football branch meetings, family gathering meetings, emergencies, music events, and lost goods like licenses, car keys, IDs and other particulars We also charge for announcements, unlike Advertising, Promoting and Marketing, Announcements don’t include pictures it’s just words.

Gig guide

Advertise your Jazz session, boxing match, soccer match, cricket match, music festival, poetry session, Stokvel, fun walk, and many more,  the gig guide section also doesn’t include pictures, it includes the name of the gig, venue, time and contact details. This will not be for free as well in line with the terms and conditions of the magazine.

Rights and privileges

As  a reader and fan or follower of Maklera Magazine you will be given an opportunity to play a role in the magazine, please feel free to send pictures of yourself and family, the pictures should be interesting, you can send a picture of you having fun, graduating, getting married, travelling, braaing meat, shopping, please don’t abuse the privilege and rights by sending pictures of nude content and sexual material, you will also be given the opportunity to comment on the magazine, all pictures sent to Maklera Magazine will be featured on the magazine for free, Unless you are a professional photographer then you will pay for your pictures to be featured on Maklera Magazine.


Share interesting and informative news to Maklera Magazine, if you have a story you want to share it please feel free to share with us, Maklera Magazine is about lifestyle, innovation, education, entertainment and empowerment.

To communicate with us send your pictures, information and stories to the following email address. to ask me questions directly for entertainment news and advertising, promoting and marketing, announcements and gig guides. any interesting stories of individuals, people or information that can assist the community. for advertising, promoting and marketing for your business and events or organisation. for any general interesting and informative news around your area.