One burglar caught accomplice ran away

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Story by Motsieng Mooketsi

Jouberton/Kanana – There has been a number of reported burglaries around Jouberton and Kanana for the past few weeks.

The Mabote family have become recent victims to this series of burglaries at their house in Ext 10 West in Jouberton, this happened during the early hours of the morning of last week Tuesday.

Ashley Mabote says her father heard a banging sound whilst asleep, and decided to go see what was happening, but couldn’t find anything fishy.

She says “About 5 to 10 minutes later his father heard a worrying sound again.

“This time much closer, upon arrival he saw a torch light in the sitting room, the door was opened”.

“We searched around and found nothing, My father went outside the house and peeked around the trees behind the house that’s when he found one burglar hiding”.

They caught him, some neighbours had arrived and assisted with the search and rescue of the family, the criminal was beaten and confessed that they had come to steal, one of them got away, fortunately they were not able to steal anything.

The criminals opened the kitchen window to gain entrance into the house, and took the key to open the door for their exit.

The police were called in, and took a statement, and said there is no case as nothing was stolen and implied that the apprehended man looked like he was beaten.

A similar case took place a two weeks ago in Kanana, when a family reported on social media that their house was broken into, whilst the family was inside, Nyakallo Motlogelwa says the criminals made their first attempt around 01:00 am on Friday in the morning.

Her mother who was with her 10 year old daughter and 6 year old son switched on the lights after waking up to the sound of a breaking window, the culprits ran away disturbed by the light, but it was not over, they came back after an hour or so this time their plan succeeded in gaining entry into the house, a fight broke out between her mother and one burglar the two others couldn’t join their accomplice inside the house after a neighbour jumped the fence and hit one on the head with an object the two ran away.

Nyakallo says the criminals were apprehended, one of them confessed to the community and led them to where his accomplices were hiding.

A total of four males were arrested and later released after a police said the burglars were not found inside the house.




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