“Infant baby found in a sewer pipeline”

Story by Motsieng Mooketsi

Jouberton – Sewer contractors made a gruesome discovery when unblocking one of the pipelines of a main haul in Ext 10 West on Tuesday 10 June 2020.

The employees of “Water Engineering” company discovered an “infant baby” on a main haul while on duty, the baby looked to be in it’s developing stages.

According to the employees of “Water Engineering” company, they were using a “Jet Machine” to suck out dirt from the sewer lines which had caused a major blockage to some of the households who live closer to the railway line in Ext 10, when they saw a strange looking object, upon investigating they discovered a dead little baby infant.

The unpleasant discovery left the men in complete shock!, they stopped working and immediately informed a personnel from the municipality, Ward 05 councillor “Letlhogonolo Daniel Molefi” and the SAPS were already on the scene when we arrived.

The councillor said such scenes are regrettable, and should be condemned, in addition “I would like to urge the community to be responsible in taking care of their own infrastructure, a lot of things have been removed from these main hauls, like large rocks, cloth, and plastic” said the councillor.

Members of the community say this is not the first time a baby has been discovered in their area recalling a similar that happen once 2018.

Police are investigating a case of “concealment of birth“.

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