Klerksdorp:Pregnant Mother tests positive for Covid-19

Klerksdorp:A pregnant mother who asked to remain anonymous has tested positive for the Convid-19 virus and is currently being treated in isolation at one of the hospitals in Klerksdorp.

The young woman says she has questions about the virus after been diagnosed with it, despite taking the necessary measures to abided by the Lockdown regulations, in cognizant to her pregnant condition.

“I only took a trip twice to Alabama at my family homestead and another one to Orkney and that was on Wednesday, I wonder where got Corona from, by the way I went to Orkney feeling sick on Tuesday… and everybody that she was around is not sick“, she said, alluding that she has questions about the virus.

The woman the symptoms began on monday when she’s started getting body aches, but she ignored them and thought it’s because of her pregnant body weight. “The symptoms became intense on Tuesday when she began getting a fever – she felt hot while feeling cold at the same time.

During the night she would shiver, sweat and suffer from body aches and fever with a painful back pain. There was no cough, but things got worse when she started having breathing problems with a blocked nose – This was coupled with fever attacks during the day and night for about 3 to 4 times respectively.

Her husband suggested a visit to the hospital on Wednesday after she couldn’t cope anymore.

At the hospital they conducted two swap tests and filled two bottles of blood samples for testing, she received a fever injection and went home. Yesterday In the morning she received a call from the hospital… she was given results for which she tested negative – she later learned that the test results were for the fever and not the virus.

Later on in the afternoon she received a call from the Doctor, the “Dr explained that the results she had received were fever test results and the Covid-19 tests had just arrived and she tested positive”, The Dr advised her to return back to hospital as soon as possible.

She is currently in isolation at the hospital. According to her, the tests showed that the virus level is very high in her system, which already caused blood clots all over the body, she has been placed on high medication to counter the blood clots.

When we spoke to her she was positive and said she want to remain strong, hence she is willing to share the story with the public.

“I need you to stress this to the public; The Doctor told me that they have had cases were people only had one symptom but tested positive, so having that one part of the symptom people need to take care of themselves and dress warmly and drink warm liquids”.

The woman’s husband and son have also been tested and await results the from the hospital.


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