Lion The Rebel

Lion A Rebel With A Cause

“Lion A Rebel with a cause”

Lion The Rebel

Klerksdorp – The hip hop industry is the toughest in the entertainment spectrum. One has to be considered a talented rapper or MC to make it.

From lifestyles, beats, rhymes, lyrics, features, buzz, storytelling, delivery, flow and other elements that make up a full package of a hip hop artist.

I got behind the pyschque of Lion The-Rebel the other day, one of Matlosana’s finest wordsmiths, Born in Taung and grew up in klerksdorp Jouberton. The-Rebel dropped his first record back in 2012, titled “Acceptance of the Presence” a motivational song which encourages people to live their current life whilst perusing to move to a higher level of life. Since then, he has been The-Rebel with a cause.

Lion The Rebel
Shot taken at Star Fm Community Radio Station

Today he is a recording & performing artist, writer, rapper and a poet who fuses languages in a unique way, he is classified under Motswako which is a mostly a setswana influenced South African hip-hop sub genre.

Lion The-Rebel has a few hit songs that created a buzz on these streets, “Top 7” his 2018 hit song and a list of others which includes; Gotta Be, Mo Ke Gatang Teng, Lekwalo To Motswako, Leroborobo La Corona, and now recently just released “Khapo Terug” which came out with a music video on YouTube.

-(Khapo Terug is a “come back” song; Its a promise of how I am gonna be back to a peaceful state of mind after struggling for a long time battling my life challenges that includes being academically excluded from the university of pretoria due to lack of finances; Betrayal of friends and family; Being humiliated for suffering; Not being able to grow fast on my music career; Failed relationships and fighting my own bad habits. “KHAPO TERUG HA SE SNAE” is a common phrase that we use in our Jouberton slang that simply means “I will be coming back …”)_says Lion The-Rebel

Unlike many of his peers, Lion The-Rebel flaunts his rapping skills instead of assets, and keeps it a 100% authentic to bring a different skill from the script to the vocal delivery.

From cyphers, to poetry and straight into the booth, he writes from what he sees or has seen in his daily life, and puts his inspirations into songs.

With one mixtapes under his name, “Mind State”, the 10 track body of work solidified him as one of the artists to be on the lookout for.

*I the editor asked him about the industry in Matlosana, it’s growth, and if it’s changing or not.

“It’s very small, infact We do not have an industry as yet, the city is full of underrated artists, sometimes artist are to blame on that aspect they tend to be careless and reckless with their businesses, we need to study the industry, cause….there is potential for growth, he said!

The City’s hip hop industry is not yet commercial, and many artists are not yet making money out of their work, they don’t get royalties and depend on hustling for studio time.

Mokay Studios is the production behind Lion The-Rebel’s unique sound, and he says working with Mokay is very productive, and enjoys how his always working on improving his sound and that makes him wanna deliver nothing but the best when he is on the mic.

There’s a hint of an EP titled “Justice” which is expected to drop sometime this year, and shooting more music videos for his released hits. Lion The-Rebel is recently nominated for an award at the @plamas as THE BEST HIP HOP ARTIST IN NORTH WEST, to vote him him you sms: PLAMAS AAM to 45633, sms costs R1,50 and you can vote as many times as you want. Watch/Download his new music video on the link below…

Lion The-Rebel_Khapo Terug(official music video)

Contact : 0727704628

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