“The first ever Jouberton Logo”

Jouberton Logo Powered by Maklera Magazine
Designed by Tebogo Snowee Glerrboi Menyatso

Jouberton – The township of Jouberton is undeniably one of the biggest in the North West Province, with 24 formal extensions, the township is located on the Western part of Matlosana on the N12 just next to Alabama and Manzilpark townships which are both home to the coloured and Indian communities.

Kanana, Khuma and Tigane make a sum total of the townships found in Matlosana’s 11 regions.

The history of Jouberton is one of a rich political militant history pre-democratic South Africa, and dates back to the 1930s when the land act was implemented to remove people from their native land by the apartheid government.

Since 1994 the township has seen a significant growth in size and population, the residents of this township now enjoy the convinience of shopping at Tower Mall complex in Ext 19, other notable developments found in Jouberton is the Jouberton Community Health facility, and the Pedestrian Bridge, these developments are found on the N12 in the vicinity of Alabama and Manzilpark.

Although there is a sentiment that the township still needs a lot of development pertaining to its size, where in there’s still only one library and one community hall for a population as big as Jouberton.

Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation have dwindled significantly in the past two decades together with the economic activities that have been protracted by the abject results of a distressed mining town.

“Jouberton is expected to see an array of other key developments and face lifts from the Matlosana Estates Project on the N12 West Corridor coupled with other developments in Ext 19 in the Alabama and Jouberton Precinct of the new community health facility”.

“The new logo was created by Motsieng Mooketsi of Maklera Multimedia Events Pty Ltd which is the parent company of Maklera Magazine“.

The logo was designed by:Natasha Ferreira Strydom of Adworx Designs later upgraded by:Tebogo “Snowee” Menyatso of Your Glerr Boi Media

The design of logo is a depiction of the landmarks of Jouberton which can be seen from different directions within Matlosana and when traveling in and out of the city.

The entire design of the logo will be launched in the near future, the one above is a sample part of the design. The colourful African prints it is in line with the celebrations of the diversity found in townships and particularly in Jouberton.

According to Motsieng Mooketsi, the logo was designed to celebrate the history of Jouberton, it’s heritage, culture, achievements and future in order to harness the concept behind the township economy.

Not only is the logos about fashion, but a sense of identity, townships like: Soweto, Tembisa, Katlehong and many other parts of the country have created identities of their own, so this has been long overdue for Jouberton”. Said! Motsieng Mooketsi

After 26 years of democracy it is rather disappointing to see the level of development that has taken place in townships around Matlosana, the townships have had to rely heavily on the creativity of artists to have a sense of pride.

Creatives around Matlosana and respectively in townships have given a new meaning to the future of this city, through their hardwork and independence.

The Council has not rose to the occasion to assist the Sports, Arts, and Culture fraternity to ensure the city stays vibrant.

“Expect to see T-shirts, Backet hats, Hoodies, Sweaters, and other forms of garments and merchandise on the streets, people have been asking for the Maklera Magazine fashion items and we can assure you that both Maklera Magazine and Jouberton garments will become part of the street culture soon”.


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